I didn't Even Feel The Shot!

The STA System is an innovative, clinically-proven way to achieve more precise injections, improved drug delivery and higher patient comfort levels. Groundbreaking science-based technology makes it possible; the system is comprised of Milestone Scientific’s STA System featuring an ergonomic handpiece — a newly-patented technology. Whether the doctor is working within pediatrics, cosmetics, endodontics or general dentistry, you'll find the STA System is right for you. 

The STA Handpiece is engineered for an easier and more controlled fluid flow — and at greater volumes — resulting in the ability to provide pain-free, precise anesthetic delivery, regardless of required pressures.

The STA System, then, creates a highly-successful local dental anesthetic delivery experience. There's no other system like it on the market!

Compared to traditional injection techniques that typically require anesthetizing an entire mandibular block, causing extensive collateral anesthesia, the STA System’s innovative Dynamic Pressure Sensing (DPS™) Technology lets the doctor achieve immediate onset, deliver painless palatal injections and use fewer indications for multi-quadrant work — all with unparalleled levels of predictability, precision and performance. With this ability to work better and faster, you’ll ultimately become more productive. Please click here for more information!